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Our Terms and Conditions

The rightful owner of this website is Divinely Candles, accessible at

Our head office address is in Whittaker Road, Slough, United Kingdom.


The Site Owner operates from Slough, United Kingdom.

All information and materials on this site are provided on an 'as is' basis and are not intended to be exhaustive. Individuals using this site do so at their own risk, and visitors are encouraged to seek independent professional advice before relying on any information or materials found here. The Site Owner assumes no responsibility and provides no express or implied representations or warranties regarding the completeness, accuracy, or freedom from errors or omissions of any information and materials on this site. The Site Owner reserves the right to update any documents, data, and other information on this website at any time without prior notice.

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Third-Party Website Links:
The Site Owner may furnish links to third-party websites for the convenience of users. However, we do not have control over, nor do we assume any responsibility or liability for, third-party websites or their content.

Linking to This Website:
If a link to this website is established from a site that, in the Site Owner's judgment, is deemed unacceptable, the Site Owner retains the right to request the removal of that link. Individuals creating a link or obtaining permission to link to our website are prohibited from using our logo, proprietary graphics, trademarks, or portraying themselves as part of or affiliated with the Site Owner's website or business.

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EU Regulations:
If you are a client or customer, and a contract has been established with you through electronic means, you may have the right to utilize the EU Online Dispute Resolution service to address any contractual disputes with us. This service is accessible at For further assistance, you can reach us via email at